bmw ix2 review 2024 01 tracking front

BMW iX2 front

Comfortable, spacious and decent powertrain but handling and range don’t live up to expectations

The next-generation BMW Neue Klasse models that will start to arrive next year will use a bespoke electric platform. Until then, the firm is pushing on with its multi-powertrain strategy, hence the arrival of the iX2 – a car that is technically an all-new nameplate yet feels quite familiar, in part because it shares much with the existing iX1.It also, as the name suggests, is the first electric version of the new second-generation BMW X2, which is the more dashing coupe-SUV sibling of the BMW X1 and electric BMW iX1. The exterior styling elements that mark out the electric version from the ‘regular’ X2 SUV-coupé are minimal, although we definitely prefer its slightly more relaxed look to the appearance of the M235i we’ve also sampled.
Source: Autocar

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