Mercedes-Benz EQS gains new face and 511-mile range

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The electric saloon has gained an extra 51 miles of range and a new front-end design

Mammoth 118kWh battery adds 51 miles to restyled and upgraded electric saloon

The Mercedes-Benz EQS electric saloon has gained an extra 51 miles of range and a new front-end design echoing the firm’s traditional radiator grille as part of a range of major upgrades.

The BMW i7 rival will also receive a host of interior updates, with the option of more luxurious rear seats, new driver assistance features and the deployment of the MBUX hyperscreen as standard.

The updates will also be applied to the smaller EQE saloon, the EQE SUV and the EQS SUV, which all share the same EVA2 bespoke electric platform.

Despite the significant increase in range, Mercedes doesn’t consider this a full mid-life facelift: instead, the platform’s chief project manager Holger Enzmann described the changes as “an upgrade before the update”.

The most notable styling change to the EQS is the option of a new front panel, which uses chrome plating and vertical slats to mimic the classic radiator grilles seen on the combustion-engined S-Class – and also features a bonnet-mounted three-pointed star.

The new front end will only be offered on certain trim levels, and most UK models will retain the existing AMG Line front.

But the most significant changes have been made to increase the range of the car. The 108.4kWh battery pack has been switched for a new 118kWh unit featuring revised cells and battery chemistry, and Mercedes has twinned this with a range of features to optimise the range for what was already one of the market’s longest-legged EVs.

A heat pump is now standard, all-wheel-drive models can disconnect the front motor when not required, and the energy recuperation now works at up to 3m/s of deceleration, compared to 1.5m/s previously.

Because the brake discs will be used less, Mercedes has introduced a function that will automatically apply them occasionally to ensure they are maintained properly.

As a result, the range of the EQS has increased by more than 11%: the EQS 450 4Matic now offers 496 miles, up from 445 miles, while the single motor 450+ now offers up to 511 miles of range.

Meanwhile, both the EQS and EQE saloons will have their towing capacity increased from 750 to 1700kg, bringing them in line with their SUV siblings. Mercedes has also upgraded the Automatic Lane Change level 2 driver assistance feature, although this will only work on certain motorways.

Inside, Mercedes has worked to improve comfort in the rear: as standard the back seats recline up to 36 degrees, which increases to 38 degrees with the optional Rear Comfort Plus package. That system also includes neck and shoulder heating, and also allows the front passenger seat to automatically fold forward to increase rear space.

The revamped EQS will be available to order in Germany later this month, with UK timings yet to be confirmed. Mercedes says that base pricing will remain unchanged, with the current model priced from £112,610.

Source: Autocar

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